Bird Mites Treatment

You will be able to find bird mites in places that have birds as well as their nests. These are able to infest human homes in a number of ways. Once the birds leave their nests, these mites tend to enter human homes in search of blood food. An infested bird can visit the house. Using any used furniture or clothes can also lead to infestation by the bird mites. Before opting for bird mites treatment, it is important to ensure that bird mites do not infest the house in the first place.

Any kind of bird mites treatment will first require the identification of these bird mites. This is because different kinds require different types of treatment.

In order to avoid bird mites infestation, it is advisable to remove nests. While doing this, gloves and masks should be worn in order to avoid any bird mites or bacterial infection. These nests can be anywhere; on the roof tops, in eaves, on balconies, in window ledges besides in foundations as well as basements.

The spaces where bird mites may live need to be removed. This means that all broken tiles in the house must be repaired. In the same way, any opening in roof or eaves need to be closed.

In order to do bird mites treatment, the infested area has to be treated with an insecticide. This can be in the form of a spray or even as an insecticide powder. An anti-itch cream or lotion can help to ease the irritation caused due to the bites by bird mites. To avoid the bird mites bites, an insect repellent cream or lotion can be applied on the body.

In case the bird mites infestation is very severe in a home, then fumigation will be the bird mites treatment in this case. This is because nothing else will work in such a condition. The gas that is usually used in such a condition is Vikane gas, at 10x concentration. even ULV flogging has been found to be effective in some severe cases. The success rate in this case will depend on the chemicals being used as well as on how thoroughly this application has been done. While a ULV flogger is not able to produce particles lesser than 5 microns while a thermal flogger is able to produce particles that are as small as half a micron. Smaller particles will be able to penetrate furniture, furnishings and carpets in a much more effective way. in addition, the wall cavities, attic as well as crawl spaces can be treated with some residual chemical.

Usually, the bird mites are more commonly found in bedrooms. This is because these are the most active during night time. Hence, mattress as well as pillows can be kept in zipped vinyl protectors in order to avoid infestation.

Maintaining proper hygiene can also help in bird mites treatment. This will help in reducing mite biting as well as itching. A hot shower or a hot bath can be quite effective.